The magic of Haystack Vintage

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A vintage shop with artistic displays that could vie with the coolest of boutiques, Haystack debuted without fanfare in Lakeview in late July. Local apartment-dwellers are already storming the place for its affordable chairs and dressers, but the always-changing inventory covers everything from retro collectibles to bikes to clothing, thanks to an always-on-the-hunt staff and a variety of suppliers and consigners.

Characteristically colorful mid-20th-century relics such as a mint green Zenith TV, a turquoise sewing machine and a mustard-yellow fondue pot feature on jam-packed tables, while for-sale antique armoires, trunks and suitcases also serve to display finds such as ladylike gloves, floral neckties and funky lamps. Mixed in among vintage wares you’ll find a few new treats, mostly by local artists found on indie online marketplace Etsy, such as clever graphic tees by Isotope, crocheted jewelry by Kate Pryor and retro-inspired sustainably made undies by Under The Root. Display cases near the rear of the store show off new and vintage jewelry, plus an adorably diverse collection of salt and pepper shakers in shapes such as hamburgers, flamingos and ice cream sundaes.

The people behind Haystack are even more interesting than its contents. Local entrepreneur Philip Tadros, who also owns coffee shops Dollop and Noble Tree, partnered with employees John Mokate and Erin Liston to tread into the vintage resale biz. Tadros loves nothing more than to take over businesses or start up new ones; his first was Don’s Coffee Club in Rogers Park at age 19. It was while running Evanston Wireless years ago that he met and befriended 70-something twins with an outstanding collection of vintage wares, which served as the core stock for Haystack’s opening. Local artist Brian Heiser is behind the shop’s brilliant displays, which include floating juxtaposed picture frames, dangling paper cut-outs and a dozen books with pages folded intricately folded into sculptural designs,

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5 ways to locate vintage items

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Vintage items can be a great alternative if you want to add more value to your money. These items can add more personality to your home and to your own fashion statement, especially when you take the time to choose these items carefully. Buying these types of items can be very rewarding because you will definitely be able to buy great finds in the market. However, you need to be very knowledgeable when buying these types of products because you would not want to be ripped off with your purchases. It is very important to make sure that you get the best deal out of your money, especially since these items have already been previously used. Here are a few tips on how you can get the best vintage deals in the market.

First, you need to buy from a reputable and highly trusted vintage seller, such as Haystack Vintage. If you want to go to a local shop, then you should ask for recommendations from family or friends regarding the best vintage shops in town. If you want to buy vintage clothing, then you should definitely go to a shop that offers the best items in town. If you want to buy vintage furniture items, then you should definitely visit a furniture shop that is known for its quality and craftsmanship. You can also buy different types of items through online shops that offer vintage jewelry, vintage collectibles, and other types of items. Online shopping can be a great idea because it is a very convenient way to look for available stocks and items. You can simply browse through different websites, check the product features, and order your items straight from your computer. Just remember to check the user ratings and reviews to make sure that the site offers durable and high quality items. Also, look for shops that specialize in vintage, because these shops present a wider variety of items compared to other online sellers and merchants.

Once you have found a few shops, make sure to look for items that are made of great quality. Especially for furniture items, jewelry and other collectibles, you have to take note of the authenticity of these items to be able to get a great value for your money. Look through the details of a particular item, including the images and shots that bear the marks, stitching, dates and other key details that determine the authenticity of an item.

If you are able to visit some local vintage shops, then you should definitely look through the items carefully and selectively. Look for signs of wear and tear, such as scratches, cracks and other types of damage. If you intend to buy clothes and shirts, take note of the shade of the color inside and out. Some items may be too faded, or other items may already have a few signs of damage, so it is very important to look through the details carefully to avoid buying a bad item. Check the details, odor, stitching and other specifications to make sure that you are buying vintage items that have great quality and functionality.

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Car Accident claims made simple

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Accident claims and personal injury is a factor that an individual must prioritize. We only have one life, for that reason we have to be watchful in everything we do and take note of our safety wherever we go. However we could not deny the fact that even if safety and accident is not synonymous in meaning both of them are beyond our control. As mortals we do not have the command over these things. Life is unique because it is unpredictable hence we must be prepared to everything that may take place.

In every place where there is an active highway there would always be a sign that reminds every driver to drive safely. Construction workers were always informed about the dangerous places within the construction site which includes falling objects. Home owners must notify the hired carpenter regarding the fragile part of the house specially the ceiling. The mentioned circumstances above were proofs that the chances of getting hurt is unmanageable no matter how careful you may be. Out of luck it might be because of others negligence.

The existence of Accident claims and personal injury compensation must be considered as good news and could also be regarded as a right. If you believe that you deserve to have one then you should consider some related factors. You should provide evidence that you were injured. If financial factors affects your decision in pushing your claims there are solicitors/lawyers who are willing to lend a hand and only asks for payment if the case wins. Medical malpractice is an exemption for this type of privilege because of the long process and the big possibility for the case to be drawn out.

An auto accident that was not your fault may cause you a great trauma but don’t worry because this is the kind of case where in the right for Accident claims and personal injury compensation succeeds. In this kind of case a person should bear in mind that it should be process within three years beginning from the date when the accident took place. Pictures, medical clearances, plate number and model of the car and all other possible proof that the accident is due to others slackness would also be a great help for the case.

Most are discouraged to file any personal injury claims due to the fright of offending others. This could be true but take note that its worth risking for and may serve as an inspiration to others who are planning to take the same action but don’t still have the guts. If related information is what you’re seeking for and you don’t know any knowledgeable person to talk to, you can surf on the net. Detailed information is given and the process is revealed. All you have to do is gather all the confidence that you got and collect all the proofs that you could show.

In this modernized world everything could be considered new and uncontrollable. It would be safe to say that Accident claims and personal injury recompense is an advantage to us. We could be safe and practical at the same time if we want to.

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What makes a great vintage shop?

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Vintage shopping can be a very great experience especially if you purchase items from a vintage shop that offers high quality vintage products at reasonable prices. Shopping for vintage items can be very difficult especially if you do not know how, or where to look for great deals. Here are a few tips on how you can find a great shop that offers the best items for your vintage needs.

First, you can ask for recommendations from family, friends and colleagues who also like to buy vintage items. You can also use the yellow pages or the telephone directory to find a local thrift shop in your area that offers various types of vintage items, such as vintage furniture items and clothing. You can also use the internet to search for local business listings in your area. The internet is a great source of information regarding vintage shopping, and you can make use of various maps and search engines to localize your search. For instance, if you want to buy vintage clothing, search for a vintage boutique in a specific location by typing in these keywords. Search engines and maps will automatically generate business listings for shops and stores that offer these items. The generated results will usually feature a link to their website, so make sure to look through different websites to see their available vintage products and items. It is also very important to look through the user comments and ratings, to be able to have an overview of the quality of the seller’s items. You can also look through various forums and chat groups about vintage shopping. A lot of users share ideas and suggestions in these forums, so you will definitely be able to get some suggestions for shops that specialize in selling vintage products.

Once you have a few potential merchants in your list, you can then look through their products and features before you make a decision. If you want to buy from local shops and sellers, schedule a visit to be able to see their available products and items. If you want to buy a wide range of vintage products, it is advisable to visit a seller that also offers a wide variety of items such as furniture items, clothing, shirts, shoes, and other types of vintage items. This way, you will be able to look through a lot of items in a single shop, without having the need to go to another shop and look for a different item. However, if you intend to buy more expensive collectibles and jewelry items, it is advisable to go to a single shop that only specializes in these items.

Check the quality of the products, and carefully examine the authenticity labels and signature details, especially with collectible items. The condition and quality of the products are very important to you should only stick with a seller that offers high quality items. You should also check if the products offered are thoroughly clean and well-repaired before you make a shopping decision. Stick with a vintage shop that is able to meet all your requirements and needs.

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It may be time to revitalise your vintage house plants

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With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to shake the dust off your house plants and get them ready for a new growing season.

The days are getting longer and the temperature is slowly creeping back upwards towards levels that don’t make you want to dash inside as soon as you can, and you’ll soon be opening windows and basking in some more-than-welcome sunlight. Well, your house plants want just that as well, and for many all you need to do is to just give them a nice thorough dusting, a bit of a prune, and more water and food than they have been getting over the long winter, and they’ll be ready to grow and flourish over the coming months.

In fact, you may think that you need to repot all your plants, but you’d be surprised – you may not really have to go through the motions of an yearly repotting, which can be a welcome time-saver. You can tell whether your plants need to be re-potted pretty easily, according to gardening experts: if they’re taking up water without a problem and your plant looks healthy, you can probably leave off repotting for another year.

However, if you see that there’s little water actually soaking into the compost surface or if you’ve got a big mess of roots coming out from underneath your pot, it’s high time to evict your plant from its current home and move it to roomier abode. You don’t even have to go mad with a much bigger pot, as all your plant needs to grow and flourish is a few extra centimetres in comparison to its existing home; besides, repotting a plant into a pot too big for it could cause problems – there’s such a thing as too much compost, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put a plant into a new pot that’s too big for it only to have its roots end up picking up a touch of rot because of soured compost.

Speaking of sickly plants, you should never repot one that’s doing poorly as you could make matters much worse. Many plants tend to look a bit dedraggled after a long winter, but you can revitalise them by giving them a bit of water – just a bit, mind you – and making sure they get some moderate sunlight; again, not too much on the sun or you’ll end up just baking the poor thing to a crisp!

For what it’s worth, you can bring back a potted plant from what looks like the brink during the spring, though it may be touch and go for a while. Once your little plant has recovered and has started to flourish, that’s when you can move it to a new, larger pot with fresh compost, and I can tell you that you’ll be astounded at how lush and healthy your plants can look after just a little bit of care and attention.

Guest Post provided by Russell Lomas of Lawnz Gardeners In Bristol, UK.

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How to find the cheapest car insurance

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Finding the cheapest car insurance nowadays is one of the major concerns for those who have their own car. Everyone wants an affordable price and that is definitely a clear fact but also it’s not that simple to find such rate. The first thing you have to do is to understand what car insurance is and a background of its pricing.

As the name implies, car insurance is basically an insurance for your car in case you encounter unfortunate events or an accident. With this, your insurance provider will pay all the expenses that are required for the cost of the damage. There are various types of auto insurance which is designed for each and every need of the customer. Also it covers several cases such as property damage, earthquakes, personal injuries and even theft of car. The rates will vary based on the type of car being insured, the place where your car is and also the driver. If you have a very luxurious car then your car insurance will be priced higher. In the same way, a cheap car model will be priced lower. Young drivers are also entitled to a high rate of insurance compared to an old and experienced driver because they are more prone to accidents due to a lack of driving experience. An auto insurance provider normally puts a high rate on someone who resides in a disaster prone location compared to those who live in a calm and safe area.

Purchasing auto insurance can take a huge amount of your financial budget and getting the cheapest car insurance is really an important thing to do. However, there are some ways that you can do to avail of an affordable car insurance rate. You can actually save money by raising your deductible and decreasing the rate of accident coverage. This is ideal on smaller monthly premiums which can free up money that you will need. Needless to say, you must make sure that you can cover the deductible once you get into an accident. In case you’re a part of a huge group such as college fraternities or credit unions, you can be able to avail special discounts based on your organization, yet you will need to verify it with your insurance company. A lot of companies also give great discounts to drivers who take safety driving seminars. Another way also is by installing anti theft devices. Car insurance firms are seriously willing to offer great discounts on the insurance once you have devices installed on your car to prevent thieves.

In case you’re not satisfied with your insurance company, take action. Find another provider, adjust your deductibles, modify your coverage or have some positive changes in your life. If you are determined to put extra effort, then you can certainly get the cheapest car insurance.

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What can argan oil do for you?

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You’ve probably heard of argan oil, the newest trend in nutrition and beauty, but you probably have doubts about what it can do for you.

Well, it’s true: argan oil, a substance that’s derived from the fruit of an exotic tree that only grows in Morocco, does indeed have several medicinal benefits!

It may be hard to believe that a simple plant oil can have so many excellent health benefits, but Moroccans have been using argan oil for generations as an additive in their diet and as a health and beauty aid; now the rest of the world has begun to follow suit in discovering the fantastic elements of this wonderful substance.


Using argan oil for hair turns out to be a fantastic method for keeping it strong and healthy. In fact, shampoos and conditioners infused with argan oil have been used to help repair the damage done by harsh chemicals such as hair dyes or other hair treatments, leaving your hair looking and feeling revitalized after just a few uses of this all-natural, safe, organically sourced oil.

Likewise can adding argan oil to hair help in safeguarding or even reversing the damage done by harmful ultraviolet rays. Over-exposure to UV light can leave hair feeling brittle and can cause color to fade more quickly, but using an argan oil infusion to keep your hair safe and healthy may protect against UV light stripping your hair of its nutrients – even just a few drops added to your own hair care products can be a massive help in keeping your hair looking soft, silky, and manageable in even the hottest or most humid weather!


Argan oil has another fantastic benefit as well, and it’s not just when it comes to keeping your hair in good shape: the benefits of applying argan oil to the skin simply can’t be understated. Naturally rich in substances such as Vitamin E and other antioxidants, argan oil can revitalise dry, cracked skin, helping to keep it moisturised and protected from hostile environments.

Argan oil can help to keep moisture locked in and stops your skin from getting dried out over time. This is especially helpful if you’re in a dry, hot environment or if you’re particularly rough with your hands through work or even just through hobbies; more than one person has come home after a long weekend of gardening with dry, chapped hands in need of some TLC.

Turning to argan oil to give those tired hands a new lease on life might be just what the doctor ordered, and you might begin to see brilliant results in just a few applications!

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